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Partner Benefits 

Work with our Goal Zero account managers and our great clients to complete the work you want and build your professional portfolio of expertise.

Why Partner With Us?

  • Work when you want -  From one-off projects to long-term engagements. The opportunities are endless.
  • Build your pipeline - Complete projects and build your brand with professional relationships. 
  • Get paid securely - Don't worry about chasing invoices, with Goal Zero you are paid securely.

Partner With Us Today

Apply to be an approved professional consultant partner, or professional account manager and a member of our team will reach out to you to set up a meeting.

Work that’s waiting for you

Build rewarding relationships in the Goal Zero Professional Marketplace.

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Safety Professionals

  • Policy Development
  • Site visits 
  • Investigations
  • COR/ISO Auditing
  • And More
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Human Resources

  • Recruitment/Employee Screening
  • Policy Development
  • Performance Evaluations


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Business Coaching

  • Marketing/ Sales planning
  • Operational Strategy
  • Financial Planning
  • And More


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Organizational Psychologists

  • Psychological assessment for hiring
  • Employee Engagement surveys / Cultural Evaluations.